Friday, 24 June 2011

Ginger blossom continues.....

Just a quick check in - so far I've made 17 out of the 24 blocks (photo to follow). But guess who found them all and decided to have an afternoon nap on them! Grrrrrrrr stupid cat.
I initially lay out the 17 blocks last night and realised that it's gonna be a big quilt. Hopefully I should be able to get the rest made over the weekend and possibly sew them all together.
I'm waiting for some more Ginger Blossom fabric to arrive - mainly for the binding but I think it may need a bit more pink in certain blocks. I searched the internet last week (Thursday) and found a UK seller, thinking I would have the fabric over the weekend or Monday at the latest. It still isn't here. BUT some fabric I bought last Wednesday from the US arrived on Tuesday!!

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Gem said...

Cat's always seem to do that, it is as if they know that you are working on something, and so if they lay on it you will end up giving them attention and not be able to get on with which ever task you originally had in mind until you have done so. My cat is foprever doing it, mostly if I am reading a magazing. Cheeky little things haha xxx