Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday stash and de-stashing

A spot of fabric gazing a couple of weeks ago led to a bit of fabric shopping and then a bit more. 6 yards of 'From little things' by Sarah Fielke bought from the USA. I liked these so much when they arrived that I went back and bought another 5 yards!
The Ginger Blossom quilt is on hold at the moment, although all 24 blocks are made. I've been roped into helping with the costumes for my school's end of year production and so instead of spending lots of time handling lovely quilting fabric I've been spending a far bit of time altering and tailoring mens suits to fit 11 year olds! Not an easy task I can tell you. A fair bit of swearing took place the other day when I was handed a size 42 jacket and told to make it fit 'this child'. Anyway I'm looking forward to squaring up the blocks and working on a layout for the quilt as soon as I possibly can.

*The de-stashing which has taken place in our house this weekend does not involve any quilting fabrics but has resulted in 9 bags of textiles for recycling via Digby's school this week!

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