Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ginger Blossom continues

Sorry but no photo as the camera has mysteriously disappeared - along with the husband and two small people...
With a quiet (and still tidy) house I've finally managed to get the Ginger Blossom blocks squared up and sewn together. I even tidied up after myself as well.
I made the quilt top 5x4 blocks rather than the 6x4 that I originally intended. I've decided to keep the remaining four blocks for the backing, once I've decided on a solid to use with them.
My school summer holidays start in 10 days time which will hopefully mean lots of time to sew and quilt and get both WIPs done and dusted in time for the end of summer. I'm also looking forward to doing a few smaller projects whilst the smalls are occupied by nursery and kids clubs and playdates.
I'm off to find the camera so I can post a picture of the quilt top and a little more stash that somehow ended up coming through my letterbox earlier this week!

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