Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ginger blossom part deux

I've been a bit of a busy bee over the past couple of days and I'm making good progress on the Ginger Blossom quilt top.
Yesterday I managed to sort out all 216 squares and then set about putting them into groups of 9, trying to mix them so that I had 5 of one colour and 4 of the other. I'm liking the way that the pink and green seem to work well, especially because they all seem so different when you look at them as stand alone pieces, and probably because I wouldn't have thought about using these 2 colours together.
A little later and with a little help from a little helper aka a 2 year old (not so much of a help but a hinderance!) I started to piece my blocks together. This is the first one. So much for my 5/4 rule, this seems to have a lot more pink in it. I blame the 2 year old. ;o)

This quilt should come together quite quickly now that I have sewn rows of 3 together and pressed them all, ready to be made into blocks. Up to now I've made 8 blocks out of the 24 that I intend to make.
I really hope that my friend likes this too as it appears to have an admirer in feline form - stay off the blocks Stella!

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