Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sherbet Pips

As I promised, here it is, my small stash of Sherbet Pips.
I know that most of blog-land has been going on about this collection for what seems like an eternity but I was waiting, patiently I add, before getting my purse out and jumping on the bandwagon.
First came the jelly roll from a seller on Ebay, then after a quick look through all of the prints I decided on the other prints that I wanted to get my mitts on. Looking at the range of colours that the prints were available in I slowly started to chuck half yards into my shopping basket, only to realise that I would need to take out a small loan to purchase said fabric. So I had to whittle it down a little to an amount of fabric, and money more importantly, that I could afford. This little stash is what I ended up with. I love the little dog but I have to say that my favourite is the scarf print.

As you can see I tried to pick and choose from across the entire collection both in terms of prints and background colours. This is going to be used in a quilt for my youngest daughter, Stingo, for when she moves into her 'Big Girl Bedroom' probably sometime later in the year - I have a while to carry on looking at and stroking the stash before I have to chop it up.
The prints were from Sew Fresh Fabrics via Etsy and the solid grey from Seamstar.

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