Friday, 17 June 2011

Ginger blossom part 1

Since yesterday I have been doing a bit of this:
Some scribbling on a piece of paper and a bit of measuring. Or planning a quilt rather than winging it and making it up as I go along, which is normally what happens here!
I've decided to keep it simple. A quilt made with 5" squares of fabric, random placing of prints, bit of scrappy binding and maybe some diagonal quilting.
So once I had worked out the maths - I started with 18 fqs - I could then begin the cutting. I figured out that each fq would give me 12 5" squares with a bit left over for the scrappy binding. Off I set to work armed with my rotary cutter, which needs a new blade I found out! About an hour or so later I had 216 squares.
After cutting them all out I can now see the benefit of charm packs!
Here is the pile of squares waiting to be transformed into blocks of 9, which will then be stitched together to make the full quilt top, well that's the plan anyway.

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