Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How to make a bride cry (and other quilting news)

Well we are back from SIL's wedding in the Lake District where we all had a fab time in the sunshine (Sun in the Lakes, in August I hear you cry but it is true!).  The Delilah quilt was handed over on the wedding day but let me fill you in on what happened before that.....

Tuesday night (Day before we travelled) I started to wrap the quilt very carefully in lots of layers of tissue paper when I noticed some small cuts to the binding.  Slight panic followed.  I then took said quilt out of the tissue and found several more small cuts and a few larger ones!!


It seems that my youngest (aged 3) has discovered the joys of cutting fabric, just like her mummy - but in a totally different way.

Emergency repairs followed.  The binding became a bit more scrappy in pieces but I think I just about managed to save it.  At least she had used my fabric scissors and hadn't actually hacked away at the main part of the quilt.  If she had done that......well let me just say we would have been missing a bridesmaid at the wedding.

So, back to how to make a bride cry.  Simple.  Give her a quilt.

As soon as my SIL opened it she burst into tears.  Happy ones I might add.  It seems that the Delilah quilt is a huge success in terms of meeting the brief.  Happy days.

In terms of other quilting news........

The Reunion (Husband's 40th birthday) quilt is now all trimmed and ready to be pieced together - I think this is the final layout.  I have some striped fabric for the back and some more Reunion prints for the binding.  I'm planning on quilting this one over August Bank holiday weekend whilst he is away with 'the boys'. 

I've also started on my BQS3 quilt - but more about that later in the week.

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