Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tweet Tweet Complete!

Yay! I managed to finish the Tweet Tweet quilt yesterday. My finger certainly appreciated that final stitch in the binding - I still cannot get my head around how long it took to hand sew.

I'm really pleased how it has come together as I had no real plan in mind. I 'winged' it, made it up as I went along, learning lessons along the way too.

The finished quilt measures approx 82 x 58 - plenty big enough for a single (twin) bed and perhaps a double at a push to be used as a throw/runner. I'm still unsure where this is going to end up - Digby did have a pink room when I started, now it's yellow with lots of other brights. In the meantime it is on the sofa with a small sicky child snuggled under it.

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