Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A new toy :o)

After months of umming and ahhing I've gone and bought myself a new toy. My old machine is perfectly capable of doing the basics but it doesn't have a drop feed, walking foot, embroidery foot. It really is that basic. Plus it was given to me - over 5 years ago now. So I really deserved a new toy. Honest.

I ventured out to my local sewing machine shop yesterday with a budget in mind on the pretense that I was only looking. Which I did. It was today that I actually spent the money ;o)

Finally after hours and hours and hours of internet 'research' and being told to step away from the computer this morning by my husband, my mind was made up. It's a Janome DXL 603 - with the quilters pack. Now I have that all important drop feed, walking foot, embroidery foot and many, many more things besides - I just need some time to play with it!

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