Sunday, 10 March 2013

Switching and swooning

It's Mother's day and so as a treat I got to switch around the spare room.  This made me happy but the cleaning up I had to do in the process didn't.  A couple of months ago my sewing space got invaded by my husband and a computer.  A necessity I was told, I won't get in the way I was promised.  Honest.  Yeah right.
I had didn't have enough room to swing a cat yet alone quilt a quilt any bigger than a mini and so a switch was needed.  It started with the bed, who would have thought just moving it from one wall to the other would have created enough room for two separate work areas.  Result!

At the end of the bed there is just enough room for my shelves that store most of my stash.  A quick tidy and organise was needed here after the chaos created when I was scrappy tripping.

Another little cupboard houses all my scraps and odds and sods with the added bonus of somewhere to keep my swoon squares to hand.

Plus I have enough room to be able to move my sewing table for when I need to quilt!  Extra bonus!

Then there is the hanging space on the doors to the eves - a perfect size for my swoon blocks.

Talking of which, I managed to make another 2 this week and so I have managed to catch up just in time for this month's Simply Solids Stash delivery - one pink swoon coming soon.

I have no idea why this one is upside down, lets just pretend it isn't! 

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