Friday, 29 March 2013

A good friday!

Hooray for Bank Holidays!  A few hours sewing today meant that I could finish off cutting the fabric for my Orbit quilt and then get to work on the piecing.  The above photo is what I managed to get done before tea time.  Now it is double that and hopefully will be finished tomorrow, if the kids play nicely with each other and stay out of my way.
Earlier this week I took a trip to A & E after experiencing some pain in my left hand. One x-ray and two examinations later the Dr told me that I have torn a tendon in my left thumb.  Rest was diagnosed......yeah right as if I can manage that.  Sewing today hasn't been that easy or the quickest and yep, my left hand is now suffering and a bit achey but I can say that it is worth it.
Remember the spotty fabric that I had picked from my stash to make up one of the half yards needed for this quilt?  Well it turns out it was Amy Butler all along but from her Lotus range rather than the Love range.  Who'd have thunk it!

Back to show the finished quilt top soon.

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