Monday, 14 January 2013


In between Christmas and New Year I made this mini based on the Swoon block. I say based on as I didn't have the pattern or any instructions for making the block. Instead I went ahead based on a sketch and a whim.

You can tell I didn't have the instructions can't you!  Just look at it, nothing matches up!  But saying that it kept me busy for a couple of hours and I have promised it for a raffle prize for friends who have just set up their own WI group and it made me buy the pattern.

Yes I now have the pattern not just a sketch.  I have the correct measurements and fabric (almost) ready - just waiting on some background fabric to arrive.  I've decided to make a block a month using my Simply Solids stash club FQ bundle that I signed up for a while back.  I've even joined the Flickr group.

My inspiration comes from Katy and hopefully with practice I too will be able to create blocks this good soon! 

swooning again

Watch this space!

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