Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stash stroking

Well the great tidy up continued and I am happy to announce that my sewing room does look a whole lot better, it had to as it really couldn't have looked any worse....curse that mess fairy! ;o)

During the tidying process I managed to get some of my stash under control. I'm quite new to quilting so I don't have a mega stash - though that is my dream - but I have bought quite a few pieces just recently.

If you have eagle eyes and are good at spotting you'll be able to see some Amy Butler Love FQs, some Tufted Tweets half yards, some Tina Givens Opal owl and some more Momo It's a hoot - after the success of the baby quilt for my friend I just had to get some of my own. Then I bought a tiny bit more. And a bit more. You get the picture.

A couple of friends popped round last week and we got talking about general sewing and quilting and fabrics so I took them upstairs and showed them the stash. Even though they don't sew they did stand back and admire - on a strictly hands off basis.

Afterwards we got talking about where I buy fabrics from and general costs. I had a bit of a moan to be honest. It seems to me that fabric bought in the UK can at times be silly money compared to buying the same from the US. I have purchased from the US on a couple of occasions but then faced the sting of customs - it seems really unfair to have to pay an additional £12 just because the fabric came to $33! Grrrrrrrr. Just wondering how other bloggers and crafty folk get around this - do you accept the sting of customs or the sting of UK prices? Answers on a postcard please.....

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Gem said...

I haven't bought favric from overseas as yet. I tend to get my fabrics from my local market but the prices are a bit hefty. other places I have sourced from are by using old clothes or bedding. I have also got fabric from freecycle before but that can be a bit hit and miss as you don't know what you are getting until you get it but it is free.