Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday Sorting

Look at the state of my sewing room......yep I should be well and truely ashamed of myself for letting it get this way.....but I'm not, well maybe just a little bit. I haven't been in there for much sewing this week but I did pop in there the other day and was a bit surprised to have been visited by the 'mess fairy'. I'm sure my house isn't the only house to have a 'mess fairy' but she normally visits the children's bedrooms, playroom and sometimes the living room. Imagine my horror to find that she had been in the sewing room too!

So earlier on I set to a spot of sorting and tidying. My growing pile of stash was soon neatly piled and I even managed to tie most of it up into bundles/collections. I love my stash, I often just visit the sewing room just to stroke the stash. Perhaps I should get out more.....

I'm hoping that the kids can be occupied with chocolate eggs and a good film later today so I can get back up there, not for stash stroking but to finish the great tidy. Wish me luck!

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