Monday, 1 April 2013

Rainbow charm swap

A few days ago I signed up for another charm swap.  This time round it is a rainbow swap which is great as I do love a nice bit of colour.

Colours have already been assigned and I'm in the green group. Hmmmm.  I like green but it isn't a colour that I would readily choose when picking fabrics.  I'm usually drawn to reds, pinks and purples but I knew what print I wanted straight away.

Sew Stitchy pins in Olive!

It took me about 5 mins to get ordered and paid for after reading the email.  Of course I had to order just a bit more than the 2 yards that I need for the swap.  Oh and a bit more fabric might have happened to fall into my basket as well....just to make those shipping costs worthwhile....honest.

Once it arrives I have to slice it into 5" squares and post it off to Cindy and then await a rainbow of charms in return.

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