Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday slicing

I've been back at work now for 2 weeks.  Days and nights have been taken over once more with school work, family life and general no time to myself-ness.  So today I grabbed an hour to be alone with my rotary cutter and began slicing into my Primitiva stash.

I grabbed my largest square ruler and basically cut 12.5" squares.  The plan was to keep this simple.  Then I had an idea.  I carried on slicing all the squares into triangles.  Still keeping it simple right?

Then I started playing with the layout a bit.  Random HSTs were tried and tested but didn't look quite right but then inspiration struck.  I've always wanted to to a zig zag quilt so why not - spurred into action I came up with this.

A yummy zig zag just for me (and the husband I suppose, seen as though this is destined for our bed).  I've already tweaked the layout slightly as a couple of the triangles pattern didn't quite match up the way that I wanted.

Now sat ready to be stitched. 

Details: Primitiva by Jane Dixon for Andover fabrics - 6 yards.

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