Thursday, 6 September 2012

BQS3 - received!

On Monday the postman tried to deliver a parcel. As Monday was back to school day for me and the girlies were being looked after elsewhere, I came home to find a card telling me to get to the Post Office to collect something.
I was so excited and could hardly contain myself.  Unfortunately I had to wait until the sorting office opened the following morning.   I rushed out of the house at just gone 7am to collect my parcel.
Imagine my disappointment when I opened it to find Brownie uniform!
2 more days of waiting, checking the Flikr group for clues and general pacing around the house.
But today was the day I received my BQS3 quilt from Laura!
My original mosaic was filled with lots of stars and rainbow colours and what Laura has created certainly fits the bill.  She was very generous and included some charm squares and a couple of bigger pieces of fabric plus a couple of spools of thread.  Thank you Laura for your generosity.  I love it!

BQS3 has been my first swap, an experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and it certainly won't be my last - off to see if I can find something to keep me and my machine busy.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh I love prairie points! There's a cushion in a book I have that looks like this but I've never been able to justify the amount of fabric they use- or folding for that matter. But if someone made one for me, well I'd be made up! :D