Sunday, 13 May 2012

Saturday and Sunday sewing

I've been a busy bee this weekend, mainly thanks to the girls being away at their Grandparents.  This has meant that I could get on with some un-interrupted sewing.

The Siblings Together quilt has been pieced and simply quilted.  I'm on a mission to finish hand sewing the binding on later this evening once the girls are back and tucked up in bed. The back is pieced with some solid purple and some heart print fabric that I got from IKEA a lifetime ago.  The idea was to use the IKEA fabric for a full back but unfortunately it wasn't wide enough and I didn't have enough purple either so I had to comprimise.  Pictures of the back to follow! 

The complete quilt has been made from bits and pieces from my stash - including the wadding.  I had loads of leftover pieces and some of that heat press batting together tape (such a catchy name!) and hey presto enough wadding to complete the quilt.

Pleased with my stash busting I went on to work on this:

It is going to be a rainbow quilt - or it will be when the postie brings me some lilac and yellow fabrics.  I have an abundance of certain coloured fabrics but was missing those colours.  Thanks to ebay this problem was soon sorted - just need them to arrive now so that I can get on.  We've been invited to a christening in a couple of weeks and this is going to be the pressie for the little one.

While I was busy cutting and sewing my scraps it seems that the mess fairy got busy too!

I know have 4 quilts on the go - a bit of a record for me.  As you can see the Delilah and Little Apples quilts are pieced I just need to get going on these again so that I can tick them off my list.  I seem to have reached the awkward phase inbetween piecing and quilting.  I'm hoping that they won't  be hanging there for much longer.

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