Monday, 29 July 2013

A few finishes

School has officially finished for the summer holidays - yay!  But hang on....the heat wave also seems to have finished.  Bloody typical.  I've been stuck in a classroom with 30 kids in temperatures upto 31 degrees and today, the first day of my holidays I've been stuck inside with my own 2 kids whilst we have thunder storms and torrential rain.  Lovely! Grrrrrrr.

Oh well.....more finishes to show and tell.

I've only just got round to finishing my two quilts for Siblings Together - they were sat with the binding attached for ages but other things like finishing school reports and end of year stuff got in the way.  They are now ready for posting tomorrow.

A few more blocks done and dusted for the x and + bee.  These were posted off to the ladies last week.  The August blocks will be done by the end of the week.

Along with these finishes a couple of starts too.  A St. Louis 16 patch and a Staple dress.  Hopefully finished later this week!

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