Sunday, 16 June 2013


I can't believe we are over half way through June already.....the weeks are slipping by far too quickly, the end of yet another school year is ahead and it seems to have been a few weeks since I have done anything remotely crafty. 

Instead what I have been doing has been rather lovely and well deserved, I might add.  Days have been spent soaking up the sun, reading lots of books and generally doing nothing more straining than lifting food or drink to my lips.  Oh the joys of a holiday....I now need another one please!

Back to reality for me though now.

These are my June blocks for the X and + bee ladies (though they were made last month!).  Nan wanted scrappy with solid triangles:

I am pleased to say that she likes them!
The next two blocks were for Cathy.  She asked for the + to be in red, either solid or a red print.  I went for the solid.  She also said that she didn't want anything too bright and so I opted for a truely low volume approach.  These left the UK earlier this week heading to the US so I'll have to wait and see if these fit the bill!

Earlier today I pulled fabrics for next month's Queen bees but a children's party stood in the way of any actual sewing and tonight's task is lesson planning. A sunday night job that sometimes fills me with dread and fear that yet another week is quickly approaching and time is slipping away.  Oh well only another 5 weeks and four days until the summer holidays....not that I'm counting or anything!

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