Saturday, 16 February 2013

Swapping and shopping

I've taken part in a couple of swaps recently and have been eagerly awaiting my parcels.

The first to arrive was the Low Volume swap hosted by Laura Jane.  My choice was the square in the middle!  I love how everyone has their own interpretation of low volume and I can't wait to make something from the charms.

The next parcel to arrive was the Simply Solids swap (nothing to do with Justine but I did buy mine from there!)  Celine was in charge of this one.  I sent 2 yards of yellow fabrics and got this rainbow bundle back.  I don't tend to buy lots of solids so this was a good swap for me as I now have a few more FQs to lay my hands on to mix in with my many prints.

Then I did a bit of shopping for some Bella.  I have a few Echo prints stashed away and I know Bella has been around for a while but I wanted some and Kate had some on sale so I couldn't resist.  Following that little spree I then headed over to Courtney's and got a few of the other prints to add to my collection.

I also did a spot more shopping but more on that later in the week once it arrives!

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