Friday, 22 February 2013


This week it has been half term.  I look forward to a week off school and spending quality time with my children.  Which is why I'm in here on the computer and they are in there watching the TV.

I've tried to get some sewing bits done today, just a little but I have been completely interrupted many, many times.  We've coloured pictures, we've baked and decorated cakes, I've had to watch many different dances and shows, we've been to buy a new school bag for the eldest and all I wanted was to get my scrappy trips basted!

It has taken all afternoon for me to get this done!  Hopefully I will get to start quilting it later once 'his nibs' comes back from work.  Half term was meant to be about quilting this and my other WIP so I could move on to starting my Swoon quilt.  Aaaaarrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!

And relax........

In other news, last week I was lucky enough to win a £25 voucher for the Village Haberdashery courtesy of Charlotte who was celebrating a blog birthday and had a little giveaway.  I spent hours trying to decide what to spend my winnings on.  Honestly, hours.  Eventually I popped a rainbow set of pearl bracelet fat eighths into my basket because I couldn't resist them.  Quickly followed by some Ruby Star Rising clocks in orange and some Kona in ivy to go with it plus a reel of matching thread and some magnetic closey type things.


These are destined to become a little bag for me for the spring/summer when it eventually starts to show itself.  I have a really simple tutorial to refer to as this is me venturing into the unknown, having never made a bag before.  Something quick and easy to do, hopefully inbetween interruptions!

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Charlotte said...

yay! so nice to see what you bought!!