Sunday, 22 July 2012

My, my, my Delilah!

Today I've been busy singing Tom Jones songs in my head.  I blame the Delilah quilt.  It was a lovely sunny day so I tried to take some photos.  I say tried to but the wind wasn't playing fair.  Loads of shots perfectly set up and then whoosh!  I gave in and put the quilt top on the floor for the last picture.

The quilt is now basted and sat ready for me to start quilting.  It's been hanging around for a while now and my SIL's wedding is in 2 weeks time so I need to get it done asap!  I think I'm gonna be busy this week.

In other sewing news I managed to make some more keyrings to replace the 3 I gave as pressies last week.  A colleague has also asked for 3 for her daughter's teachers, this has made me happy to think that someone else likes them as much as I do.  She asked me how much I wanted for them and this is where I had a slight problem as I haven't got a clue.  £5 each seemed too steep, £2 too cheap so I haven't decided, I think I'll see how much she thinks they are worth tomorrow when I take them into school for her to choose from the selection.  Quick question, if you make and sell things how do you manage to price your items?

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Mrs Yoastie said...

Love the colours of the Deliah quilt