Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Back from work today to find that the postie has been delivering for me.  A couple of parcels, which were immediately ripped to shreds opened very carefully, full of lovely fabrics!

The first one was the 5 FQs that I won on a giveaway from Saints and Pinners.  Lovely vibrant African prints and colours, both girls were immediately drawn to them and have been asking that I make something straight away. 

I'm not sure what to use them for but I think inspiration may strike when I look through a couple of books I have on small stash sewing projects.

The second parcel was an order from Alice over the weekend.  I was in need of a bit of colour and so I grabbed a bright bundle of FQs, various prints, and some Klona - the hurricane bundle, to complement each other.  It is my intention to use these in my BQS 3 mini quilt along with a bit of linen I already have to hand.

 I love both bundles and it is certainly the only rainbow I've seen all week! 

And finally.......my latest quilt, all finished and ready to be delivered to a teeny tiny lovely later this week.  Simply quilted with straight lines either side of the seams - seems like this is becoming a regular option for me.

I've just realised that I  haven't measured it - at a guess it is approx 44" x 50".  Off to measure it now!

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