Saturday, 3 March 2012

Any one there?

Well I've been AWOL again but I do come bearing gifts....well photos of a couple of bits that I have been working on.
Firstly the Pips quilt is complete. Stingo loves it and it is in use daily. I managed to quilt it in a day with lots of straight-ish lines using various stitches on the machine. Some worked better than others and if I am being honest there is one that I wish I hadn't used at all. But saying that it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.
Secondly another quilt that I have just put the finishing touches to this very day - it's for a colleague who is due to have a baby boy in a few weeks. I own up to not owning much fabric suitable for boy things but I did have a charm pack and a couple of half yards of Max and Whiskers.
Whilst I love the white background for some of the prints I am not really so keen on some of the darker prints so I put those to one side and decided not to use them at all. In the end the charm pack was reduced even further to the 25 squares used for the center, a bit disappointing really but ho hum. I just hope that my colleague likes it enough to at least using it as a play mat for her little one.
I'm also in the middle of a new 'It's a hoot' quilt for my niece - same size and set up as the 'Ginger blossom' quilt that I made last summer and sent to my friend in NZ for christmas. Big enough for her bed in her new bedroom in a new house in a couple of weeks or so. But more on that one next time.
* All pics have been taken on my phone. The charger wire thingy turned up for the camera eventually but the camera is full!

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made by ChrissieD said...

Popped over from Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet. Loving your work and was very interested to see you horizontally pieced quilt as I'm just about to make one myself but with much wider horizontal bands. Also you've used a fabric that I've also used Moda's Aneela Hoey - Sherbet Pips Scarf Stripe in Cherry and I'm loving the fabrics you've put alongside it. Seeing you're from Manchester made me miss home - I'm originally a St Helens' girl myself so not too far from you. Good to meet you :)