Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm back!

It feels like I've been gone a long time, seasons have changed from Summer through to Autumn and now we're heading into Winter.
So what have I been up to during my time away? Mainly moving house, returning to work full time and generally not having that much time to sew!
We moved into our new house just 3 weeks ago and I've only just managed to get all of my bits and pieces needed for sewing out of the boxes and into some sort of order. My first bit of stitchery happened last weekend but I don't have any pictures as they were simple shepherd costumes for the Infant Christmas play. This weekend I have 3 alien costumes to make - don't ask me what aliens have to do with Christmas, I just sew what's needed.
In my time away I've been keeping up with blogs and was so pleased to see this:
My dress that I made for the 'Dress a girl' campaign that Louise at organised a while back. At the time I made just one dress but I wish I had made more. Just seeing this little girl wearing it made my day. I promise I will make more in the future!!
I have also been managing to buy fabric.......quite a bit of it really. I have plans for some more quilts for my girls and a few baby quilts that will be gifts for friends who are expecting next year but I have to get those aliens done for now.
Back soon! (I promise)

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