Monday, 17 January 2011

Patricia Bravo Quilt

For the past couple of weeks I've been working on this simple brick wall quilt using Patricia Bravo fabrics from the 'Dreaming in French' range. I started out not really knowing what I would do with the fabric (except use them for something for ME!) but settled on a very straight forward design as I'm fairly new to this quilt making malarkey.

I settled down and consulted many, many blogs in the hope that I too could produce a stunning piece of patchwork. In fact I think I spent far too long 'researching' and probably not enough time practising new skills that need polishing.

Don't look too closely as I'm sure you'll see that my stitching is a bit wobbly, the corners are not perfectly mitred and to be honest I don't think it'll win any quilt making prizes. BUT I made it for me and I love it!*

* And so does the cat, he's asleep on it right now.

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