Monday, 15 August 2011

Ginger Blossom completed!

I finally got round to finishing the Ginger Blossom quilt last week but then the weather decided to turn to being totally rubbish and I couldn't get a half decent picture of it. Today is lovely and sunny and bright, perfect photograph taking conditions, so here it is.
I'm about 90% happy with it to be honest, the backing isn't perfect due to the basting. I use safety pins but I think I might try some of that fancy basting spray. I've some how managed to get a few puckers on the back when I quilted it, nothing major but it still makes me feel a little bit sad. I haven't washed and dried the quilt yet but I'm hoping a little bit of shrinkage might disguise it. This time round I've used Hobbs hierloom batting which should crinkle up nicely.
For the past couple of days I've been working on the wonky blocks quilt for Digby - all quilting now done, lots of random straight (and a few not so straight) lines done all over in a mix of purple and pink thread. It makes a good contrast and seems to be working well with the mix of colours in the blocks. Just the binding to attach and another quilt will be done!
My next project might involve breaking open my Sherbet Pips jelly roll - If I'm brave enough!

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