Monday, 9 May 2011


....for the lack of posts recently. I'm in the middle of report writing at school, training for a 10km run at the weekend and failing to get organised for a family holiday in 10 days time! (Major trauma involving a trip to the passport office today - oh dear)

However I do seem to have managed to buy some more fabric. Ooops!

Some Max and Whiskers by Basic Grey for Moda - a charm pack and a couple of yards to match.

A Sherbet pips Jelly roll - OMG I was so excited to recieve this one in the post. I'm still waiting on some half yards from the USA. I intend to make a quilt like this for Stingo when she moves into her big girl bedroom. Notice that I say I intend.....I just need to find some time.

So in the meantime as my stash grows my bank balance dwindles. I suppose it's no coincidence.

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